Review: Cool Writer – Awesome writing & note taking app with a variety of great features

Cool Writer – Awesome writing & note taking app with a variety of great features, developed by Cool Rabbit Studio, is exactly what the name and description of the app is. A cool writing app. It has tons of customization and is perfect for anyone who loves writing or taking notes on their iOS device.

Cool Writer is a universal application and is priced at $2.99. Just buy it once and you will have access to it on all of your iOS devices including the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

When I said Cool Writer has tons of customization, I was not kidding. You have access to 5 keyboards, which include, characters, emoji, articles pics, crazy text, and shortcut keys. Customization does not stop there, you can create new shortcuts, access tons of fonts, and even convert your info to images and PDF with password security.

Cool Writer also integrates directly with Dropbox or a web server so you can access your files anywhere. Obviously you can create and edit documents directly from the app, but you can also work with Office documents, iWork documents, PDF, and you can open and print images.

If you are sick and tired of Apple’s default notes app, you should check out Cool Writer. You can customize everything down to the color and layout of the notepad. They have a ton of built in designs, you can even create your own with personal pictures. There is so much you can do just check out the official app description or view their detailed online instructions.

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