Review: Cookie Catch!

Need a simple yet fun game to kill some time? Check out Cookie Catch! This game is super simple to play. All you do is slide the glass to catch the cookies, some are worth more than others and some are too big they they will break your glass. If you glass breaks the game is over. The game will also end if you fail to catch 3 cookies.

Cookie Catch actually has some pretty impressive physics for a simple game. The cookies can bounce off of the glass and you are still able to catch them but it is tricky. Will all of the cookies you catch, you can go to the upgrades menu and purchase a wide mouth mug, which makes it easier to catch cookies, and a game slowdown. The game slowdown is a clock and if you catch it it will temporarily make the cookies fall slower.

Overall the game is great for a FREE app. If you want to support the developer, you can always remove the ads for $0.99 via an in-app purchase. The only issue I has was the background music can be annoying to some people, but luckily they have an option to turn it off.

Cookie Catch! is currently a FREE application and is available on all iOS devices. Check it out today!


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