Review: Combo Slash

Combo Slash, developed by INT SQUARE, is an action based RPG (Role Playing Game). In this game you go around saving girls that are taken captive. You fight through to the end boss who you must defeat to save the girls. The basics of the game is to use your crystal detector to save a girl. The detector blinks as you get closer to her. Your object is to quickly save the girl and eliminate the boss before the time limit is reached. Each time you start a game the maps or levels are different. They are always changing and random so you feel like your playing a different level every time you play.

Although I personally do not play that many RPG games, this is actually pretty entertaining as the controls are very easy. You can take out lots of enemies at a time with a simple one button combo. In the settings you can make performing combos harder though. The controls are very basic and easy to use. You have a pad for moving your character around and 3 buttons. Common Attack, Evade, and Special Move.

As you advance through the game you can pick up special items and store them in your inventory to use later. You get 3 inventory slots to start with by default but you can expand your inventory at the shop. There are over 100 different items to purchase in the shop ranging from weapons, special items, equipment, and other useful items. As you progress in the game you get gold coins, but if you want more in a hurry you can purchase them in game starting at $1.99.

If your a fan of action RPG games make sure to check out Combo Slash. It is priced at $1.99 and is available for the iPhone and iPod Touch on the Apple App Store.

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