Review: Color – Test Free iPhone App

Color – Test is a free application developed by We All kings. It uses color psychology to show your true personality.

When you first launch the app you will hear some whistling music that may get annoying for some people. If that is the case you can always mute you speakers.  You are then directed to choose which type of King you want. “Lucky King” when you need an idea or change in your life, or “IM King” if you are the king.

“Lucky King” will give you a random color and you can either accept it or hit No and it will generate another random color until you find one you like. “IM King” will show you all of the possible colors and let you choose which one you like the best.

Once you select your color you with get a bit of information on you personality based on the color you choose. You will see the options that give you a story of your personality, keywords that may describe you, and what jobs would be suitable for you.

Once you have read all the information about your personality you can share it with other on Facebook, eMail, or SMS. Color – Test is available for FREE on the App Store. Go and check it out!

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