Review: CogniFit Brain Fitness for iPad

CogniFit Brain Fitness for iPad is an application that challenges and trains your brain through a series of tests and games. CogniFit has gone though numerous scientific tests by leading scientists in the field and offers patented technology that assesses and changes the games and challenges to fit each individual.

My Grandparents received an iPad and I was looking for an application that would be fun for them to use and help them improve their skill at the same time. I saw this application was featured on many of the big networks like CNN and NBC so I decided to check it out and I am glad I found it. It is an excellent app! Not only are you able to have fun playing the mini games, but you are training your brain and improving your cognitive skills at the same time. Studies have found that CogniFit is able to maintain and improve cognitive skills of all ages, so this app is not only perfect for my grandparents but fun for my little niece as well.

CogniFit allows you to connect with friends and other players from around the world where you can compare your scores and see if you are above or below average, but if you prefer to keep your statistics private, you can do that too. Be sure to invite as many friends as possible because you will gain lots of Neurons, and have a great time challenging them to see who can get the better score.

The games that you play allow you to gain Neurons, which can be used to challenge your players, buy applications and many more activities in CogniFit. Since CogniFit is a website based application, you can play on the computer, iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad and all of your progress will sync.

Overall I would have to say that the app is very well done. instructions are very clear and you can see a demo of the mini game before you play it so you know exactly what you do and are not wasting precious time trying to learn the game. Also each mini game with show you which skills you are improving and after you are done you can see the abilities and how you have improved.

With CogniFit you will have the opportunity to challenge and train your brain in a fun and entertaining way for FREE! Go check it out on the Apple App Store today!

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  1. Jeremy Frank says

    You are right, I have also used the CogniFit app for iPad and I really like it (the same goes for their website).

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