Review: Chart Calendar

Chart Calendar is a simple to use iPhone and iPad  application that lets you keep track of your notes, numbers, and pictures using a calendar. This application makes your life easier by keeping everything organized and all in one place using visually appealing formats.

This application has so many different uses its amazing. You can simply plot and track almost any type of data you can think of. You can track things like your weight, blood pressure, pulse, or just about anything you would want to track. You can even attach pictures for every piece of data entered.

Some ways to use Chart Calendar for your personal and professional life:

* Keep track and explore your health in pictures and numbers.
* Record your fitness achievements using numbers, plots and photos.
* Manage and record your medication and diet numbers.
* Add recipes and related pictures for each day.
* Store and explore product prices with pictures for comparison shopping.
* Keep track of your finances: record how much you spend in each category.
* Take meeting and class notes and capture ideas.
* Research smarter: snap photos of whiteboards and diagrams.
* Reduce paper clutter: take snapshots of receipts, restaurant menus etc.

Once you have a sufficient amount of data, you can see it plotted on graphs, charts, tables, and diagrams to see if your hitting your goals or not. Not only that but you have access to other very useful statistical information like the average, min, max, and median.

All of your data can be accessed from almost anywhere using iCloud or iTunes for backups, email capabilities, and offline mode for the times you do not have an internet connection.

The graphics in this application are very sleek and modern looking all while offering simple to use navigation.

Char Calendar is currently priced at just $0.99 and is a universal application so you can use it on the iPhone and iPad for one low price. If your interested in managing your data with a great app, be sure to check out Chart Calendar on the Apple App Store.




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