Review: CapperLite – I’d caption that photo with style and smile

CapperLite – I’d caption that photo with style and smile, developed by Golf Pakorn, lets you attach captions to your pictures.

When you first launch CapperLite you have the option to load a picture from your camera roll or take a picture. Once you have your picture, CapperLite will automatically add 1 of over 5000 funny captions. You can keep hitting the refresh button to get a new caption (3 times), or purchase CapperPro and choose a caption from the list.

If you decide you want to write your own caption, you have the option to do so. You can customize the font with different font styles, size, and color, but if you want more options, you will have to upgrade to CapperPro. CapperLite gives you the options to save your original photo as well as set the default caption position from top or bottom in the settings.

Once your satisfied with your caption, you can save the picture, post it to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or email it to yourself or someone else. With CapperLite you have the option to Cap any picture directly from your iPhone.

CapperLite is a FREE application on the Apple App Store. Check it out today and start producing those funny captions to share with the world. Also if you like CapperLite, be sure to check out CapperPro!

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