Review: ByPost Postcard Maker

ByPost Postcard Maker, developed by Online Postal Communications, is an app that will create a real post card for you and they will deliver it anywhere in the world for a very small  fee. ByPost Postcard Maker is an application that can be used worldwide however their pricing is in GBP (British Pounds). Don’t let that fool you that you cant use this app though. In order to send a self created post card it will run you 99p. That is about $1.55 for us Americans.

The application uses paypal to fund the purchase. You can add credit to your account via that app or on their website. I prefer to add credit via the website because you know your connecting securely to paypal. On the app, it just opens up a paypal window and there is no way to tell your at the real website. However, on the app the lowest amount you can add is 99 pence and on the website the lowest you can add is 1 pound. As you can see there is a tradeoff since the price of sending the postcard is 99 pence.

You may know that Apple has a Cards application that is a very similar service except it costs about double the cost of ByPost Postcard Maker. ByPost Postcard Maker is a great alternative to Apple’s cards application and is a FREE download on the App Store. Go try it out today.


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