Review: Body Laser System for iPhone and iPad

Body Laser System for iPhone and iPad is a FREE application developed by Martin Blynov. Body Laser System, also called BLS for short, is a health system based off of acupuncture. It requires the use of a 5 mw 650 nm Red Laser Point Pen for the treatments. This application is a FREE all in one information guide. It will teach you everything about BLS and has instructional videos on how to preform BLS.

By pointing the laser pointer pen at certain pressure points of your body you can alleviate stress and negative energy to help heal both mentally and physically. BLS has a high success rate – up to 97%. The main difference between other treatments and Body Laser System is that BLS is able to change the location of the chakras, and remove energy blockage within the first two 10 minute treatments.

After a treatment of BLS you may feel relaxed and very tired almost in a deep sleep. You may notice an improvement in well-being and less pain where you had it before. This is all done throughout the Normalization of the body. If your in need of a method to improve your mental and physical health you may want to look into the Body Laser System. It is a free application. All you will need to purchase is the correct laser pointer pen which looks to cost around $8 on Amazon.


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