Review: Baby Wishlist for iPad and iPhone

Baby Wishlist, developed by ilan lewin, is an application intended mostly for expecting mothers. It offers a checklist of baby goods, helps you find the right products, and allows you to create a wishlist or baby registry which you can share with friends and family.

To get the most out of this application you should use the iPad version, but the iPhone version works just as well. For this review I will be mainly talking about the iPad version.

When you first launch the app you will notice the easy popups that help guide you through the app. You will see a visual checklist that lets you see what each item looks like and what situations you would use it in.

Just swipe across the screen and you will see all the different rooms in your house. Tap on one of the grey shaking objects and it will tell you what it is. You can say you have one or want one.

If you say you want one it will show you a list of best sellers and top rated products. It will give you pictures and even full reviews. You can then add it to your wishlist or buy it now.

When you add it to your wishlist you will be able to change the quantity, set it private so it doesn’t show up on your public registry, and even add notes for anyone who buys it for you.

If you decide you want to turn your wishlist into a public registry that you can share with friends and family, just create a profile. Once you have your registry you can post the link to Facebook, Twitter, or email it.

Overall this is a great app for anyone expecting a baby. I am expecting a baby soon and having this app as a tool to help find out what products to register for has been very helpful. I love that I can get product suggestions and read reviews.

The first time we went to the local baby store to scan items for our registry we were completely lost and just scanning random things we had no information on. Now I can instantly find the top products and keep track of it all in this handy app.

Baby Wishlist is currently free on the Apple App Store so you should check it out now if you are expecting a little one.


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