Review: Baby Monitors for iPhone (2013)

So I got asked by a friend which baby monitor would I recommend that works with their iPhone. I found 3 of the most popular models to compare and take a look at.

Baby monitors for iPhone are becoming popular nowadays. But, with the different brands that offer such gadgets, it is hard to figure out which item would benefit you and will be worth the value of your money.  Each of these are around $200-$250. To give you an idea on which baby monitors for iPhone are the best, here are some of the popular monitors available in the market today:

Withings Smart Baby Monitor:

Withings Smart Baby Monitor allows you to monitor your cute, little angel from anywhere using your iPad, iPod touch or iPhone. Its three megapixel and wide angle camera offers you high resolution and clear pictures of the room of your baby. With its virtual zoom, pan, and tilt technology, it will let you navigate your baby’s room by just touching your screen. Another highlight of this baby monitor for iPhone is that it can let you talk to your baby while you are watching him or her on your screen. You can even sing him or her lullabies. If your baby cries or fusses, it delivers automatic alerts.


BabyPing Secure Wi-Fi Baby Monitor:

With BabyPing Secure Wi-Fi baby monitor, you can watch your baby anytime and anywhere. This award winning gadget will give you the best features. Using this device, you will know if you baby cries as it will alert you even you are out of your house. Unlike other baby monitors, it is easy to set up and can be used within several minutes after you have set it up. This baby monitor is not just a baby viewer as it has features that you won’t find from traditional baby monitors.


Wi-Fi Baby 2.0 (2013 Model):

Wi-Fi Baby 2.0 is a baby monitor model which is small and sleek.  It has been updated a few times and the 2013 model is the best! When compared to its older version, it features audio and video alerts on iPad, Android, iPhone, PC or Mac on Wi-Fi or 3G or 4G anywhere. It also highlights new powerful chipset, uses less bandwidth for recording, built in DVR with a microSD slot, thirty LED lights for night mode, and many more. If you like to hear your baby’s voice, this baby monitor is equipped with microphone which eliminates white noise. This means you will only hear what is important in the background of your baby’s room. When it comes to apps, you can zoom, receive alerts, and take a snapshot of your baby.


Among the mentioned baby monitors for iPhone, all of them are considered as winners as they are all equipped with quality and advanced features that would help you monitor your baby while you are in another room or not at home. However, the decision is yours, but before you choose and purchase one item, make sure that it matches features you are looking for and fits on your budget. If you don’t know which can benefit you, know your desired features for baby monitors so you could easily pick the ideal item that would worth your money. Buy a baby monitor today and keep an eye on your baby all the time.

I am hoping to get a few samples from the different manufactures to do a more in depth review with photos and videos. I will update this post with updated review links when they are complete.

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