Review: Acro-Dict: Lite for iPhone

Acro-Dict: Lite, developed by 25dev, is a simple application to look up acronyms. Acronyms have become more and more popular within the younger generation and SMS texting. Now parents can easily figure out exactly what the teenage lingo is.

This application is not limited to SMS acronyms however. There are tons of categories including Military, Government, Sports, Medical, IT Technology, and others. I did a quick search for TTYL and sure enough it came out and told me that it meant Talk To You Later. It also gave another version “TTYL8R.” Since the FREE version is limited it will not have a lot of the acronyms your looking for. I typed in YOLO and it was not found, however, on the full version it displays You Only Live Once.

There are 2 versions of Acro-Dict available. One is a Lite version that is FREE. The free version contains ~70% of the entire database. If you want to take advantage of the full version it will cost you $0.99 but you will get content that is updated regularly as well as no advertisements. The full version has over 58000 entries so it is definitely worth the $0.99 cents.

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