Revew: BuzzE Social Networking

Sick and tired of using and hearing about Facebook? Why not check out BuzzE Social Networking! It lets you connect and meet new people with ease. You have the ability to find other people nearby and connect instantly with them. You can talk to and meet strangers from all over the world, easily send and receive pictures, videos, audio messages, and play games together.

BuzzE offers a lot of different ways to interact. If your not into interacting 1 on 1 with someone you can join a live stream. Live streams are chat rooms where everyone can chat together. There are a ton of popular categories like Sports, Games, Movies/TV, Music, Travel, Food, and Books. If you can’t find a stream that you want to talk about you can create your own. They have 10 major categories and if you want to discuss something different there is a category called the Water Cooler. The Water Cooler lets you discuss anything and everything. It is very fun to check out some of the random topics that people post.

Just like Facebook and Twitter, BuzzE let’s you post your current status and even comment on other user’s status posts within the community. You can also Buzz people to get a conversation started. This is like Facebook’s post except that it is more useful. Inside your profile you can also upload pictures for other users to view. Although currently you can’t comment or rate pictures, this may be a feature that they add in the future.

You will not be disappointed with BuzzE Social Network. Soon after joining I met 2 people who were very nice and enjoyable to talk with.  We exchanged virtual gifts to help get the conversation started. Soon after we met they helped guide me through that app and show me some of the neat features. The app has a ton of features and finding all of them will happen over time as you use the app but if you need help or have questions the BuzzE users are very friendly and eager to help. You can also join the new users stream to meet new people and learn the ins and outs of BuzzE.

There is so much potential for this application but it needs public attention to make it popular. Currently there are only 3 people within a few miles of me. The next closest person is 130 miles away, but there are a ton of users from all over the world to engage with. Again this is great if you want to meet people from all over the world, but if your looking you meet local people you may have to wait until more local people create a BuzzE account. New BuzzE accounts are for users 15+ only, so if your over 15 and looking for a new social network check out BuzzE Social Networking on the Apple App Store. It is FREE!

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