PwnageTool 4.0 RC Is Ready!

PwnageTool 4.0 is ready and waiting for the iPhone Dev-Team to release it.  There are a few problems currently which may delay the release, but should be released later today with limitations.  First the current PwnageTool 4.0 RC does not support the new bootrom 3GS.  People with old bootrom 3GS’s will have to jailbreak with something other than Spirt as it no longer works.

iPhone 3GS old bootrom users: If you have shsh blobs for firmware 3.1.2 or lower you can restore and jailbreak it, then move to 4.0 with PwnageTool 4.0 RC.

As soon as PwnageTool 4.0 RC is released we will let you know…

-Thanks Stephen for the Tip!


  1. Koonce says

    So do u know if they are lookin at a date for the iPhone 4 jb.. I won’t really need it but it’s fun just to have to show people!!

  2. Stephen says

    Ive been asking that all week, i was going to make a vid of me jailbreaking it in the apple store but no reply yet,

  3. Sup3rfly says

    I have a 3gs woth 3.1.2 firmware jailbreaked woth blackra1n and i dont have to use the pc to reboot it, so this release will be ok for me, no? And how i save all off my videos from mxtube that i had dowmloaded? And the Lady question….it’s ok that rockk ‘thing’ that backs me up all of my app so if i’ll set it as a new phone i can make that restore apps from rock? Thanks

    • LEI Mobile says

      yeah, rock app will backup all of your apps. as for mxtube, I am not sure where it saves the videos but you can ssh into the phone and copy them to your computer.

      • bobby says

        I can’t get mxtube to work on os 4.0…. it crashes shortly after selecting it every time. Sbsetting wont work either.

  4. Sup3rfly says

    Sorry for the typos….my phone just autocorected a word and i kinda pressed “o” instead of “i”.

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