Preview of iOS 7

Apple just announced a totally redesigned iOS 7. It has a new interface and an elegant flat design. Tim Cook stated, “It’s the biggest change to iOS since the introduction of the iPhone.” Here is a video preview of it as well as some more information on the new features.

Control Center – This gives you quick access to the things you need right away. You can quickly swipe up from any screen and turn Wi-Fi on or off, switch to Airplane mode, or adjust the brightness of your display. you can also quickly turn on a flashlight. No more flashlight apps needed.

Updated Notification Center – You can now access this from any screen including the lock screen.

Multitasking – Just got a whole lot smarted. It learns when you use your apps and updates them before you even check them all while maintaining great battery life. Also you have a live display off every app you are running. This was taken from the jailbreaking community as well. (Auxo)

Camera – The camera app also got a complete overhaul. You can quickly swipe to access the different camera modes including, video, photo, square, and panorama. Apple also integrated built in filters so you can quickly change the look of pictures without having to use a different application.

Photos- The photos app also received a redesign that makes it faster, easier, and more delightful to scroll down memory lane. It will organize your pictures into collections based on the location and time the pictures were taken. iCloud Photo Sharing was also introduced, so you and your friends can all contribute to shared photostreams.

AirDrop – Just like AirDrop on the Mac, you can now droop photos or documents directly to friends via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. All the transfers are encrypted so you know you documents are safe.


Safari – Safari has also been improved that makes browsing bigger, better, and more beautiful in iOS 7. there is now a unified smart search field that will automatically suggest the closest match to what you’re looking for to help you find the webpage fast. The Tab view has also been redesigned and makes browsing through tabs super easy. You can also have more than just 8 tabs now. One of my favorite features is iCloud Keychain that is basically a replacement for 1Password or other password managers. It will sync with the cloud so you will always have access to your saved passwords and other information. It also features 256-bit AES encryption to keep your info secure.

iTunes Radio –  This is basically Apple’s version of Pandora. It lets you create custom playlists and is free via ads. iTunes Match users get an ad free experience.


Siri – Siri has been updated with a new look, new sound, and new capabilities. The biggest difference you will notice is the voice. You can now choose between a male and a female and the voice no longer sounds like a robot. It sound much more natural and makes it easier to understand. You can also use Siri to shut off Wi-Fi, play voicemail, and more.

App Store- The App Store has also been improved and no longer will you have to worry about doing app updates. It will do them automatically in the background. You will also notice new categories for kids, so parents can easily find apps based on their age group. You can also see whats popular based on your location.

Find My iPhone – Find My iPhone now features even more security in iOS 7 and will help deter theft. Now turning off Find My iPhone or erasing the device requires your Apple ID and password so that they cannot reactivate it until the correct information is imputed. Now your iPhone will be save no matter where it is.


iOS 7 is currently in beta and is available on the iPhone right now for developers. The iPad iOS 7 beta will be available in a few weeks and general availability of iOS 7 will be in the Fall.


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