PRESS RELEASE: LEI Mobile v4.0 Now Available Worldwide!

Well here it is! LEI Mobile v4.0 is now live worldwide! It is a free download and a free update to LEI Mobile!

This is the 4th major release of LEI Mobile and it is the 2nd major GUI rollout. The only other major GUI milestone was from the LEI Mobile v1.x.x (tab based interface) to the more modern LEI Mobile v2.x.x (Icon based interface). This updated GUI really took a long time before I said “this is it”. It took a lot of trial and error, its really something that we at LEI Mobileshould really be proud of.

Now, the brand new, updated GUI is a big feature, but, more importantly, this brings support for HMP Mobile as well as completely overhauling support for all new services!

Now, it’s April 3rd. Ummm, didn’t you say April 2nd? Yes. I did. I appologize, but it wasn’t because we were lazy or we’re liars. I was busy adding a couple last minute updates and features. The main one is that I added support for Twitter’s new API, and their new mobile site is amazing. It is truely, a work of art. The old one was very basic and not very appealing, but as with the rest of LEI Mobile v4.0, everything is way better looking.

LEI Mobile v4.0 also has a new core. The AVBE v2.7 core is truely a work of art. It is way more responsive than the AVBE v2.3 core that we have been using in LEI Mobile v3.0 -> v3.2, also faster, and has support for some major expansion. It basically has 2 apps in 1!

We also have push notification support and the notifications are sent instantaneously, thanks to the amazing work of Giovani and the rest of the iSpazio team, thank you very much for allowing us to collaborate with you guys to bring this essential feature to our customers.

So there you go guys, grab LEI Mobile v4.0 right now, because it went live moments ago!

We are doing very well with our software division, and we expect to reach our 100,000th download in late-Spring, early Summer, this year. We are very excited for that moment. This is all thanks to you guys and your continued support throughout the years.

Thank you very much, and thank you for sticking with us!

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