PRESS RELEASE: LEI Mobile v4.0 Coming On April 2nd!

Hey everyone. Well, I’ve been looking forward to announcing this since I left. Well, today is the day the day that I get to do just that.

Well, as you all know, I announced LEI Mobile v4.0 back in February for a “Late-March” launch, but there was still a lot of work to be done on it, regardless of staff absence or not.

The AVBE v2.7 core still had a bit of work to do, as well as the “HMP Mobile” side of things, as well as a full transition to the new transition.

LEI Mobile sports a mess of new internals and it is basically a rewrite from LEI Mobile v3.0, even though it just looks like the GUI is more colorful and more fun to use.

LEI Mobile v4.0 represents about 2 months of work (not counting the initial core work, using our core makes it easier than a 100% rewrite every time).

Now, the LEI Mobile v4.0 project has been very secrative for many reasons, many of which have already been announced at one point or another by either Mike or I. This includes, 2X as responsive as any previous LEI Mobile version, more expandable, Push Notifications, updated GUI (more colorful), more expandable, fixes a major bug found in all previous versions of the core, and it’s overall a better experience.

So everyone should update it on their iPhone/iPod touch if you have LEI Mobile v1.0 -> 3.2 and if you don’t have it, please grab it, it’s a free download from either Cydia or the iTunes App Store.

We’ve updated it to support for iPhone OS 3.0 -> iPad OS 3.2/iPhone OS 3.1.3 and it runs like a dream on even the oldest iPhone or iPod touch. 🙂

LEI Mobile v4.0 will be available for free on Cydia on April 2nd, and it will be available for free on the iTunes App Store in “Late-April” as the review process can take an unpredictable amount of time.

So there you go everyone. We always have the latest news on the iPhone/iPod touch, iPad, Mac, or anything Apple related right here at and!

We hope to gain some serious marketshare on iTunes, and we are hoping to further increase our market dominance on Cydia as well, because we think that we’ve truly got something very special on our hands, LEI Mobile v4.0, the fastest, powerful, and most colorful, LEI Mobile yet!

Thank You!

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