PRESS RELEASE: LEI Mobile 3 (Widget)

Good morning everyone. This morning, I announced the countdown widgets, but the real announcement for today is right here. Today, we are announcing the 3rd major release of our LEI Mobile widget for Dashboard!

Now, as you recall, a lot of you have our LEI Mobile Dashboard widget, this new one (code named internally as “Big Red”, as mentioned on my Twitter) is a completely different approach.

We took the same approach that Apple did with the iPad, and I agree, bigger is better. Bigger allows you to fit more content and better looking content in a single application.

Now, I will admit, the older versions of my widget are not as good as they could be. When I sat down and started work on this, I made a list of everything that was wrong with all previous versions. A few obvious things stood out to me.

The first, and most noticeable, a bigger, meaner, and more powerful widget. The #1 issue with the previous versions was the displaying of content. Our feed (at the core) is designed for a desktop OS and even iOS. It was meant for actual browsers, not widgets. So I had to think of a way to make the widget better handle our feed and all of our latest services.

(Click image for full resolution)

LEI Mobile 3’s (Widget) new look provides all that we need, and then some. For starters, it allows you to view the full feed’s content and images. In the image above, you can clearly see the difference in content display when comparing older, smaller, versions (the smaller widget is an internal (Not public), updated to work with, application). As you can see, in LEI Mobile 3 (Widget) you can see the image and content, while on the older UI, you only see an image, and it’s cut off.

(Click image for full resolution)

Now, for my next point. We can now fit a lot more into this larger space than we ever could with the older versions. You can look at the image above for a great example of this.

Like I said, we can fit a lot more extras on the other side of the widget, as well as more “fine grain” control on how much content you want to see.

To start, let’s look at all of the new and updated services. I have packed a bunch of our latest services and updated everything for compatibility.

LEI Mobile 3 (Widget) now has support for everyone’s Twitter. That includes Mike, Brandon, and my Twitter accounts, just a click away. Older versions did not include Brandon in any way, well, now it does.

You can also go straight to our YouTube channel and check out our over 50 different videos.

Also, I have added support for “LEI Mobile + iPhoneSidekick” so you can go right to the press release and check out everything you need to know. You can also find out how to get in on the action and join the very cheap $7.99 plan.

Not only that, you can now download LEI Mobile with Push Notifications from the iTunes App Store, right to your iOS device! Just click that big download button and you’ll be able to take us, wherever you go.

If you have any issues, questions, or just want to say hi, you can click the new “E-Mail Us” button.

Also, if you want to help me buy a Mac Mini and continue app development for both iOS (iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad) and Mac OS X (Widgets and Applications) (I need to have a computer with Snow Leopard and my laptop doesn’t support Snow Leopard). So just click on that “Donate” button and help me out, anything will help. It’s PayPal so most, if not all, of you can do so. So please, help me out!

I have also added full YouTube support into the widget! You can now watch our article embedded YouTube videos right within the widget at up to 720p (if the video supports that).

Finally, as I mentioned earlier, everything has been updated to work with and all of it’s services. The older widgets are stuck using our old, unsupported, website and outdated services.

So that’s LEI Mobile 3 (Widget), the 3rd major release of the LEI Mobile widget. This will be available today. Also effective immediately. It will be 100% free to use and download (but please donate and help me buy a Mac Mini).

Also, you can download LEI Mobile 3 (Widget) alone or you can get the pack that also includes the countdown widgets announced earlier today.

LEI Mobile 3 (Widget) requires Mac OS X 10.4.3 or later.

As with the countdown widgets, to install, all you need to do is, unzip the .zip that you chose, double click the widget, hit “install”, and it will take you to Dashboard, just click “Keep” and you’re done!

So there you go everyone! Thanks for everything and please download the LEI Mobile 3 (Widget) today! (Also, don’t forget to donate!)

Download LEI Mobile 3 (Widget)

Download All 3 Widgets, LEI Mobile 3 (Widget), iPhone 4, & iOS 4 Countdown

Donate & Help Me Buy A Mac Mini!

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