PRESS RELEASE: Join Us Here For WWDC 2010 Live Coverage On June 7th

Hey everyone, well its that time again. It’s time for WWDC! This is where Apple will (officially) unveil the new iPhone, will set a launch date for iPhone OS 4.0, and who knows what other surprises await us?! (I hope Apple starts handing out betas to iPhone OS 4.0 for the iPad, I want to see some multi-tasking on it!

So, judging by their official WWDC 2010 banner, it looks like we will be seeing only stuff on the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone OS! (Sorry guys, I don’t think there will be any Mac OS X 10.7 talk this year!)

So join us here on June 7th at 10am Pacific time (or June 7th at 12pm here in the central time zone we’re in, check for local time differences)

See you there!


  1. T says

    Alright I have a question for you guys… I am going to buy a MacBook or iMac, should I wait until after WWDC or do you think they aren’t going to have anything new in the MacBook/iMac line at WWDC?

  2. says

    Get a Mac. Apple just refreshed their MacBook’s specs last week. Buy buy buy!

    WWDC this year is all iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad guys. I can guarentee that.

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