PRESS RELEASE: iPad Launch Day Live Coverage Rundown

Ok guys as you may or may not know, LEI Mobile and HMP Mobile are going to be streaming live coverage of the iPad launch from the Apple Store in Barton Creek Square Mall, Austin Tx.

Now I figured that I should try to explain what to expect tomorrow morning. Brandon, thats me, will be waiting outside the Apple Store, because they wont let me in with a live video feed or pictures for that matter :(, and I will be interviewing people here and there as they are waiting in line and as they walk out with their new iPads. For those that accept the interview I will give them a Promo Card for SocialMe, our paid iTunes app, and I will also give them a Promo Card for a discount on a set of iBallz, sponsored by

If you don’t know, iBallz are corner edge sock absorbers made specifically for iPad. if you drop your precious iPad it will just bounce instead of smashing to pieces.

Anyways, for those of you in the Austin area who will be waiting in line to get an iPad be looking for me! I will be wearing my sponsored iBallz t-shirt and a blue striped jacket.

Now let me get into the actual video. We are going to do our absolute best to keep the video live but it just depends on how busy the network connection is at the Apple Store. If the live stream begins to fail I am going to switch over to post streaming the video to maintain quality. What does this mean to you the viewer? It means that if you happen to miss the live feed or the feed gets messed up there will still be video of the event after the fact.

Now onto what you can do to help us. If you are waiting in line to get your iPad and even if you are getting your’s through UPS, SEND us a picture of you and your new iPad and Alan will take all the videos we get and make a video slideshow for viewing later on Saturday night when things have settled down.

Send your pictures to

and he’ll be sure to get it lined up for the show.

We still have some preparations to go before we get underway so thats it for now. Stay tuned for the announcement tomorrow just before we begin for all the other information you need to contribute. Lets try to make this hotter than the 3G launch!

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