PRESS RELEASE: iPad Launch Day Live Coverage On The Streets!

Hey everyone! Well, today, we are extremely excited to announce that we will be covering the Apple iPad launch live!

Now, we will definitely have pictures for you all of everything that’s going on outside at an Apple Store, but that’s not why I’m excited for Saturday!

I’m excited because our very own Brandon Etheredge is going to be on the streets and will be interviewing people and (if all goes well on the website side) we will have a 100% live video feed for you guys of all of the madness that is an major Apple product launch!

Brandon will be (hopfully) wearing the first Limited Edition iPhone ( / T-Shirt and outfit that we are designing, as well as his press badge so you know he’s press so you don’t hit him for asking for an interview. 🙂

Brandon is in our Texas market, so he will be at the Barton Creek Apple Store in Austin, Texas Saturday, April 3, 2010 @ 8am (Central Standard Time) for the 9am launch of the iPad!

The Barton Creek Apple Store’s address is located here so you can plan to be there and join us, and mabe win some cool prizes. 🙂

2901 South Capital of Texas Highway
Austin? TX
United States

If you recognize him, tell him that you are a fan of Limited Edition iPhone or LEI Mobile, SocialMe,, or even and we’ll give you a promo code to SocialMe so you can get it for free from iTunes! That’s our way of saying, thanks!

Just go up to him, and say hi! He’ll give you one of our 15 promo code “Special Edition” SocialMe promo code cards that we designed. 🙂

Also, if you take a picture with Brandon, we’ll give you 1 more promo code for a friend. 🙂 Just take a picture with him, and email it to me, and I’ll add it to the gallery, and send you the other promo code! 🙂

So there you go guys!

I’m going to be here in Des Moines, IA at LEI/HMP command central taking care of the site side of things and making sure those of you who don’t have a way to see Brandon, can see the action as it happens!

Also, if you are waiting in line, please make sure to stick around here, and e-mail us some pictures or video of you at a launch in your local area! E-mail me at:

I will take those videos and pictures and post them on the site as soon as I get them and I may even make a video by stringing them together and upload it to our YouTube channel for all to see!

Saturday is iPadDay and we are all extremely excited for it! So make sure to check us out, starting at 8am (Central Time)/9am (Eastern Time) and 7am (Mountain Time)/6am (Pacific Time) for iPad launch coverage images and information starting with the ever so popular, New York 5Th Avenue Appl Store launch!

So there you go guys! We’ll see you here on iPadDay, April 3rd! Make sure to talk to Brandon if you see him!

Thank You!

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