PRESS RELEASE: Countdown To iOS 4 & iPhone 4

Hey everyone, good morning. Well, today, I have a couple little widgets to help you all settle down and so that you remember when iOS 4 and iPhone 4 will be released.

I have  created these 2 widgets that look really go0d.

Now, as I said, their main purpose (well, their only purpose) is to count down to the iOS 4 and iPhone 4 launch! If any of you are like I am, then you are really excited and anxious for iOS 4 (and iPhone 4 if you are getting one) and these widgets will help you out with that.

You can also flip them over and click a button that will send you right back to

So, these will be available today. Effective immediately. They will be 100% free with no ads. I have placed these widgets in separated distribution and a “Pack”. This means that you can download them individually or both of them at once.

Both the iPhone 4 & iOS 4 widgets require Mac OS X 10.4.3 or later.

Now, to install, you just unzip the .zip that you choose and double click them. It will open a pop up, click “install”, then Dashboard will open and you have to click “Keep”. That’s it! Can’t get simpler than that.

Download iOS 4 Countdown Widget

Download iPhone 4 Countdown Widget

Download Both iOS 4 & iPhone 4 Countdown Widgets

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