PhotoAlbums+, Update and Giveaway

Today’s gift is PhotoAlbums+ for iPhone and iPad, what iOS should have had!

Spirit of Logic has recently updated their PhotoAlbums+ tweak to be compatible with iOS 5.1 and brings a handful of features to be used with PhotoStream.

PhotoAlbums+ is a tweak that allows you to manage photo albums on your device without iTunes.

– iOS5: MOVE photos instead of just copying them between Albums
– iOS5: Private Albums tab with one password protecting all Private Albums
– Add Photo Albums from stock Photos app
– Move Photos and Videos between Albums
– Delete Photo Albums
– Password-protect your private Photo Albums (per-album-password)
– Copy the Album Folders to your PC via USB

The highlights for this release include:
– Disabling automatic uploads of photos taken with the camera
– Specifically select and upload any picture to PhotoStream.
The changelog for this release:

– Added: iOS 5.1 support for both iPhone and iPad
– Added: Option to Add photos to PhotoStream. Any photos in your library! (currently only on iPhone, iPad will follow)
– Added: Setting to prevent photos taken with camera to automatically appear in PhotoStream (for privacy)
– Added: Photostream options for iPad

– Bugfix: Fixed installer scripts to correctly remove launch daemon entries (This has caused USB connection issues under certain install conditions)
– Bugfix: Photo browser in Messages app did not show images
– Bugfix: On iPad photos in private albums sometimes appeared in bad image quality

– Bugfix: Renaming private albums deleted individual password
– Bugfix: When leaving Photos app while in private album view it would hide private albums tab but not close private album. This could circumvented the individual password for that private album when opening private albums tab again
– Bugfix: 5.1 several bugs and crashes due to many framework changes by Apple
– Bugfix: Under certain conditions Move to existant album option was missing
– Bugfix: Moving a video on iPad to private album would not hide it from Photos tab
– Bugfix: Fixed possible crash on iPad iOS 5.1 when moving pictures



We have 10 Licenses for PhotoAlbums+ to giveaway.

To Enter: Tweet about this review on Twitter and Mention and Follow @LEiPhone and @iRealSMS. This will last until Friday the 11th, then 10 randomly chosen mentions will be picked


Have fun and Good Luck


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