On YouTube Today: Motorola Teases New ‘Honeycomb’ Tablet; Claims It’s Better Than iPad

Hey guys, as you know, we have a YouTube channel that I update periodically with new Apple Ads, original content, or just stuff that I find cool on the web. You can check out our channel at YouTube.com/iPhonetouchmaster or with our LEI Mobile application if that is where you are watching us today from.

Last night, I posted a video that I just find amazing. It’s one of the best advertisements that I have seen in a very long time.

Motorola is preparing to announce a new tablet that they claim is the best tablet ever made and an even better tablet than the iPad is. They basically said that the iPad was just a big iPhone, which must sting or rather infuriate people at Apple.

They said:

“iPad (2010 AD): It’s like a giant iPhone… but it’s like a giant iPhone”

It’s a very interesting advertisement that you should all check out. It’s a 1 minute 30 second spot, it’s very intense and I (a very proud owner of an iPad) can’t wait to see what Motorola thinks they have.

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