No Surprise: Apple Killing The iPhone 3G

Well guys, this isn’t really anything new or mind-blowing, but it’s worth mentioning.

The iPhone 3G will only exist at a store near you for only 2 more weeks. This is also the beginning of the end for an era.

The iPhone 3G was the last iPhone to be fully “Pwned” as in, it can be jailbroken at will, the only thing that was unfortunately not able to be done is fully unlocked. However, I expect Apple to stop updating the iPhone 3G’s baseband after 4.0.

There will be no more need to.

I expect Apple to drop the price of the iPhone 3G S to $99 and bring in the new iPhone HD at $199 or $299. I expect their base 3G S model to be available in a 16GB (or mabe 8GB?!) configuration for $99 (or mabe even $49) and the iPhone HD will start up in a 16GB configuration at $199 and run to a 32GB configuration for $299.

Apple has stopped sending AT&T new shipments of the iPhone 3G (which is what happened with the iPhone 1st generation back in 2008).

It’s almost surreal to be back here again. This year has just flown by, and to believe that we’re talking about another WWDC event, is a little mind-blowing, but anyways, join us on June 7th at 10am Pacific (12pm Central).

We’ll be informing you of every new announcement as close to live as we can. So join us right here!

See you there!

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