New Items In iPhone OS 4.0 Beta 4

OK so Beta 4 just hit and people are wondering what has changed? So far here is the list:

1.  New wallpapers that are less busy and easier on the eyes so you can view your icons better.

2. Calculator, Clock, Compass, and Voice Memo apps are now in a folder called Utilities to free up some space on your desktop.

3. There is now an option to turn on and off group messages

4. Tethering for AT&T users! I have had tethering options from the start because I have an officially unlocked iPhone 3GS on T-Tmobile. It looks like AT&T is now going to support tethering finally in 4.0.

5. You can now view your camera roll in landscape mode.

If there are any other changes you notice please let us know.  Also we still have a few spots open if you would like to beta test iPhone OS 4.0!


  1. Someramdom says

    So have you given up on

    And could I have a spot as I would like to test it out on my 2G iPod

  2. LEI Mobile says

    It might just be a glitch. Some reports are saying that only a handful of ATT people are seeing this option.

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