My Thoughts On What We Will & Won’t See At WWDC 2010

Well guys, as you all know, WWDC is tomorrow. Well, I decided that before the fun starts, I should write my personal thoughts and opinions regarding what Steve Jobs will announce.

Let’s start off with the biggest and the most well known fact, the next iPhone. We all have seen it, Steve Jobs didn’t deny that that’s the next iPhone at the D8 conference last week. I see the iPhone 4th Generation to be announced for a June 18th release.

Now, as to the storage? We will see it at a 16GB and a 32GB model. A 64GB model isn’t out of the question, due to the rapidly declining cost of flash memory, but I would place it as a 60% possibility.

Well, next up, iPhone OS 4.0. I expect Steve Jobs to announce a release date and a Gold Master, as well as other features, such as an iChat client. I expect the Gold Master to be available tomorrow for us developers, and world wide public availability anywhere from June 11th to June 16th. This will give us developers 1 week to update our applications for 4.0 Gold Master support.

We might also see iPhone OS 4.0 for the iPad. To me, this is a 75% probability. Apple may have a whole separate event for the iPad as well, however, it seems unlikely to me because their music event will be in September, and to have 3 events in a 4 month span seems un-Apple-like. We will see multi-tasking as well as other goodies for us iPad users, I also expect widgets, like Apple’s own Dashboard software.

Well, next I would like to talk about iPad OS 3.3. I expect Apple to release this to fix the annoying Wi-Fi bug that everyone here at LEI Mobile, as well as everyone else, has been experiencing, maybe a couple new features, and a lot of bug fixes, I loved the idea of the Apple A4 chip being as fast as it is, and it is, but the iPhone OS app crashes don’t make this so magical to use. I see a lot of iPhone app crashes (not iPad app crashes, just iPhone app crashes when using pixel double). – Thanks to Some random for reminding me to add this!

Now, I highly expect an announcement for MobileMe to be a freemium service. I expect adding “remote wipe” ,iDevice tracking, and additional space, will cost a little bit more, I would expect a $29 a year price tag for this.

The next major announcement that I expect is Safari 5.0. Some leaked documents regarding Safari 5.0 were leaked a few hours ago depicting it as 25% faster, better HTML 5 support, hardware acceleration for Windows users, and much more.

Now, I don’t expect Mac OS X 10.7 to make an appearance, however, I do believe that we will see Mac OS X 10.6.4 to be launched.

Now, as for a Verizon iPhone, I don’t think we will see it tomorrow. However, I say that there is a 45% probability that Apple will sell the iPhone 4th generation unlocked. I do think we will see a Verizon iPhone, but tomorrow is not the day, sorry guys!

Now, some are saying that we will see an iPod touch with a camera tomorrow, I don’t think so. I believe we will instead see this at Apple’s music event in September. The possibility of a camera iPod touch tomorrow is at a 5% to me.

I expect Apple to update their MacBook Air and Mac Pro tomorrow. I see this as a 95% chance of happening, so expect this to happen.

Now, Apple TV. There are rumors circling that we will see a new $99 Apple TV, and we may see it. I place it at an 80% probability that we see this new Apple TV.

Also, the iPhone 3G S will see a price cut of $99, Walmart ruined the surprise by making them $97. This is a 100% probability.

Now, to close out, Steve Ballmer. He denied it, and it didn’t make sense to me and seemed like a stretch from the get go, I see a 0.00000001% possibility of this one coming true. 🙂

So, there you go everyone. Everything that I believe will and won’t make an appearance at WWDC tomorrow.

See you there!


  1. Somerandom says

    Personally I don’t think there will be an OS 4.0 for iPad probably just 3.2.1 for all the minor bugs

  2. says

    Damn it, I forgot to add iPhone OS 3.3 for iPad, thanks for reminding me, I added an article a while back saying this, lol. I knew I had forgotten something.

  3. Somerandom says

    Itz fine there is quite a few bugs in the iPad OS a lot to do with bad conversion of iPod software

  4. says

    Yeah, but the iPad still has the same iPhone OS 3.1.3 framework capabilities as the iPhone and iPod touch. I really hope Apple fixes the crashes and memory leaks that I’ve found in the iPod app, Mail app, and the Safari app.

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