Multitasking with NAVIGON MobileNavigator On iOS4

Now that multitasking is coming on the iPhone in just a few days with iOS 4, Navigon wants show you just how smooth and convenient this new capability is while on the go. NAVIGON’S head of iNavigation from Germany, Bernd Hahn, demo’s how you don’t have to stop MobileNavigator when you receive a call or use other functions. Many have been waiting for multitasking to come to the iPhone  and NAVIGON will have this and many other features available in its next update.


  1. zooyork says

    This great and all and I been dying for multi task… Issue I have is that navigon is always slow crashes at times the voice cuts and I can’t hear the street and takes for ever to load I have a legally unlocked iphone3g from aussi I wish I had a fix to these other issues

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