Louis Vuitton’s $366 iPad Case

So  you just paid $500 for an iPad and now you need a protective case…  Why not blow another $366 and get a Louis Vuitton iPad case?

This is absolutely ridiculous.  You have way too much money if you can afford one of these.  Do something better with your money and donate it to a good cause.  We love donations!

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  1. DV says

    But Alan… It’s Louis vuitton, of course I would buy it before giving you money :P. Haha JK, if I had a extra $300 I would proably get a ipad too. Lol

  2. T says

    There is only one reason that people would get something like this and that’s to show it off. Let’s be real if you’re gonna pay 400 bucks for a case then you are gonna make damn sure that it says LV in big letters like the one on the right hahah, who would buy the shitty checkered one?

  3. Arezo says

    I just ordered one of these and it was imported from Paris though I did pay a high price I think it’s worth the ooo’s and awww’s it gets everywhere I go 🙂

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