Lima – A New Cydia alternative that’s JailBreak free?

Cydia, as we all know, is the place to download Apple “un-authorized” apps, and it looks like they might have some competition.  Lima is reported to be a JailBreak free, Browser based alternative that is coming soon.  Coming from Infini Dev Team’s Blog:

Lima is going to be a great installer, and just for notice, we aren’t leaving Icy behind. By the way, we got it working on the iPad and firmware up to 4.3.2 and we are soon releasing v1.4.8, with several bugfixes that came all the way from RipDev’s code and on further releases we are adding Cydia Store purchases. On Lima too!

Now while it is still early on in the development, this looks like it could bring some value focusing on speed, ease of use and reliability.   While I don’t know if it will be an exact replacement for Cydia, there are reports that you will be able to manage repositories as well as backup your installed packages.

The demo video below shows a brief look at some of the functionality, and I’m sure Lima will get it’s own homepage as well as maybe a login for users.

Lima Browser Demo

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