LEI Mobile Developer Hookups

Ok this goes to all of you who have a new years resolution of becoming iOS programmers, or Mac programmers at that. If you are uninterested you can stop here or continue and maybe peak your interest ^_^

-First off you need to get yourself a computer that runs Mac OS 10.6.4+ (notice how I said a computer and not a Mac, interpret this as you would like)

-Second you need an iOS device (which you should have one if your checking us out, skip if you just want to program for Mac OS)

-Third you need to download Xcode + iOS SDK it’s a few GB so this may take you awhile ( developer.apple.com )

-Fourth you should acquire and read the following books to get a good idea of what and how to do things (I prefer getting them as PDF’s and reading them on my iPad):

1. Learn Objective-C on the Mac by Mark Dalrymple and Scott Knaster

2. Learn Cocoa on the Mac by Jack Nutting, David Mark and Jeff LaMarche

3. Beginning iPhone 3 Development by David Mark and Jeff LaMarche


iPhone Developer’s Cookbook by Erica Sadun

Xcode 3 Unleashed by Fritz Anderson

After you’ve read through these books you should have a pretty good idea of what to do now. If you are just coming up, do not sign up for Apple’s paid developer plan. All it gives you is access to beta software and ability to build and go on your iOS device (which build and go can be succeeded by jailbreaking your device and doing some cute little tricks to Xcode that you can find on google).

I believe that’s about it for this session, I plan on having a few of these articles like this to get upcoming developers on their feet. If you have any requests for types of info you want in these articles shoot me and email and I will try to cover it.

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