LEI Mobile v4.1 Now Live!

Wow, is all I can say. We have been trying to push this update for weeks now on the App Store. It was rejected many times, left and right, mostly for stupid little things, but finally, the app is live!

So why the big bother with releasing this update? This is a massive change to the LEI Mobile that could be found on the App Store.

First of all, it brings the all new GUI found in the LEI Mobile v4.x series. This includes:

Better GUI

New Services

Many Bug Fixes


More Stable

Not just that. We also have iPad support. This is our biggest feature. We have been working hard on bringing an all new experience to the iPad. I think the interface is a winner.

It uses this all new dock at the top of the screen that has all of the services available for LEI Mobile, and then it has a full browser-like task bar at the bottom, and your content front and center.

The pages load insanely fast. We focus a lot on speed and performance of our applications, and LEI Mobile v4.1 is amazing.

Also, we have Push Notifications for the iPad version as well. This was one of our major goals for the iPad version, and we’ve got the goods.

LEI Mobile v4.1 is a universal binary. This means that both the iPhone/iPod touch and the iPad versions of the apps are in the same app file. In the same download, which makes it easier on the end-user.

So there you go guys, this is a major update and I encourage everyone to update as soon as you can.

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