LEI Mobile 6.2 Now Available: Includes iPad Support

Our latest version of LEI Mobile version 6.2 is now available on the Apple App Store. It is now a universal application and works with the iPhone and iPad. Along with other bug fixes, you can also view comments and post directly from the app. The app should be Live very soon so check your updates or if you have not downloaded our app please be sure to check it out.

Want to know the latest news, rumors, and tutorials for hot technology items? Well, here?s LEI Mobile. Not only do we bring you all of the latest news, we also have many reviews of products so that you can make your selection before you buy. What else can we do? LEI Mobile has support for many services. You can connect to the main site, check out reviews, and you can also check out our YouTube channel, or connect with us via Twitter and Facebook. LEI Mobile brings everything under one beautifully crafted roof.




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