LEI Mobile 5.0.1 Coming Soon To Fix “Eternal Badge” Push Notifications Bug

Hey guys, well yesterday was a crazy day filled with Verizon goodness and a redesigned antenna to fix antennagate & work on CDMA.

However, we would like to announce a fix of our own. Today, I got a few emails regarding a bug that affects users who have Push Notifications enabled.

The bug is that the badge does not go away no matter what you do if the application is being multi-tasked. It’s a minor bug but it can be very annoying if you are OCD like I am.

Users noticed the bug yesterday after the 10 Verizon iPhone articles hit our site.

Now, it has been partially my fault that this bug exists. A few weeks ago, Brandon alerted me of this bug and I didn’t really pay attention to him or his bug report, so I gave the go ahead to ship the final product with this bug still intact. However, yesterday, I discovered this bug on my own iPhone and I quickly contacted Brandon to verify that this was the bug he was referring to.

We have a fix and we will submit an update to LEI Mobile 5 to Apple later today.

So I appologize for the relatively minor bug, but it was my fault for ignoring Brandon’s bug report and giving the go ahead for the product to ship without the propper patches in place.


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