LEAK: Verizon iPhone Parts Leaked!

Hey guys, some breaking news hitting us today. Looks like someone has managed to obtain (what we believe to be true) parts to an unannounced iPhone. Now, the video we obtained suggests that the next-gen iPhone parts are for the iPhone 5, but I disagree. I think that these are for the Verizon iPhone.

One main reason why, he has the parts. Parts for iPhone 5 would be too soon to be out for production for a Summer release. The Verizon iPhone is said to be out by Valentine’s Day, so this would make more sense than anything else.

So check out the video and share it with your friends! I am currently busy watching all of the new announcements from (pre) CES come in (hence why I haven’t written much). I believe that the Verizon iPhone & iPad 2nd Generation will be announced on (or around) January 17th. (This is my own personal opinion).

So there you guys go!


  1. Hugo says

    I think maybe it’s for the white iPhone 4 that was to be released way back mid 2010. I hope it is the white iPhone 4. It’s about time apple did something about there promise of white.

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