LEAK: Verizon Has Exclusive CDMA iPhone Rights, Gives Middle Finger To Sprint & T-Mobile

Hey guys, since we were gone, there have been lots of rumblings about the Verizon iPhone. The most recent rumor is that according to insiders, Verizon is said to have the exclusive CDMA iPhone rights to the iPhone.

However, as you can see, it says exclusive “CDMA iPhone” rights, so it seems that Sprint may be locked out, but T-Mobile may in fact get the iPhone afterall. A while back we reported that T-Mobile and Apple had been close to reaching an agreement for the carrier to sell the iPhone.

Now, this is certainly possible. Verizon is also said to have told insiders that “Android has begun to lose some of it’s luster”. This would make Verizon a lot more willing to go by Apple’s terms as to how the phone is sold and as to how it’s subsidized.

Rumors place the Verizon iPhone in early 2011, everyone seems to believe that the Verizon iPhone is imminent, whether or not you believe this will happen in 2011, you have to remember that in 2009, we were talking about Apple’s tablet and a lot of information, like this had already been leaked. We all know how those rumors panned out…

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