LEAK: Verizon Has Been Testing LTE iPhone On Their Network “For Months Now”

Hey guys, well, here’s the rumor that refuses to be left alone. It seems as though Verizon is now testing an LTE iPhone on their yet-to-be-launched 4G network!

That’s right! Verizon’s CEO has been spotted going into Apple HQ and coming out with what sources say is an iPhone that runs on both CDMA and LTE. (EVDO/3G & 4G). They have been testing the Verizon iPhone “for months now”.

Apparently, this new iPhone should be done soon for a late-2010 release, however, I’m betting that we will see it in Q1 in 2011.

Look’s like Verizon is “double-dipping” because Lowell McAdam, Verizon CEO, has been seen going into both Apple and Google’s HQ to get his hands on the upcoming products.

This is getting good folks! More to come…

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