LEAK: Next iPhone To Have iPad-Like Design?

Well guys. Today, we have recieved some shots that supposedly depict the back casing of the iPhone 4th generation.

Now, if you look, this is just the back. As the buttons are missing and you can see through the back case openings.

If you zoom in, you can see that it says “64GB”.

Also, more noticable, it looks like an iPad. There are a couple of things that make me thing that this is faked. Now, the “leaker” claims that this is aluminium. That’s not possible.

The reason for that is, the cellular radio (and wifi) signals cant go through metal, either way. The only way I can see this as possible, is if they stuck the antennae from both the Wi-Fi and the cellular radio on the Apple Logo, or below the touch screen.

If these are real, it might be aluminum (I would love for that and I would go and buy it immediately by selling my 3G) but more likely, some sort of plastic, or hard plastic, that feels like aluminum.

Well, all sources seem to indicate that the next iPhone will be revealed in early June for a late June release.

We will have to wait and see… Here’s all 3 spy shots 🙂


  1. DC says

    not a bad design but looks overall to be fake, but a fakish metal would be better than the current plastic design on the 3g and 3gs

  2. brandon says

    on a side note if i worked for AT&T and they blocked out my June Vacation time for the iPhone 4G launch i would tell them to go ^(*%*&% themselves!!

    Thats rediculous to kill june vacation time 🙁

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