LEAK: Next-iPad To Have A 1 MegaPixel Rear Camera

Hey guys, we have gotten some information that says that the 2nd generation iPad will, in fact, have a 1 megapixel camera instead of the (never believed this myself) 5 megapixel rear facing camera that was rumored.

References in iOS 4.3 beta 2 have been uncovered detailing the iPad’s 1 megapixel camera. The following string was found in the K94AP Celestial framework:

“Back Facing 1MP Photo”


  1. Agreeablecorpse says

    I love Apples products but I don’t like when they do stuff like this. They give just enough of an upgrade to make us want to upgrade just to make $$$. But from there perspective that’s what a prophetable company is supposed to do. I just feel like there is a little better middle ground that cold make every body happy. : )

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