LEAK: Mysterious 3 Unknown iPhone Model Numbers In iPhone OS 3.2+ Not New iPhones, But Rather Reserves? iPhone + AMOLED Screen?

Well well, here’s some news to start off your day. If you remember back a few months, we discovered 3 new, unidentified, iPhone model numbers within the iPhone OS 4.0 beta (and 3.2). These were iPhone3,1 , iPhone3,2 , and iPhone3,3.

Well, we have received word that we WILL NOT see 3 new iPhones. Not at all. These other 2 iPhone models are actually reserves, or backups, just in case anything should go wrong before the iPhone HD is announced, such as manufacturing issues or any major issues, or even if the FCC rejects it.

Apparently, internally, the iPhone HD is known as “Mammoth N90”, however, there is also another project known as “N91”. This other project is an iPhone that resembles the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3G S. It’s sole purpose is to be a “Plan B” just in case things go wrong.

There also seems to be another unknown project known as “N89”. Not much is known about N89 other than it is a reserve or “Plan C”. Keep in mind that the iPhone 3G S is “N88” internally.

On a very interesting note, it seems as though the iPhone 4G project started wayyyyyy back in 2008. This just tells you how advanced Apple is with their iPhones. They may be working on their 6th generation iPhone by now. Scary cool, huh? Now, that’s one leak I’d love to see, having Apple’s 4th, 5th, and 6th generation iPhones laid out with iPhone OS 4.0, iPhone OS 5.0, and iPhone OS 6.0.

Now, there is a very interesting piece of evidence as well. It seems as though Apple has been wanting to put an AMOLED screen on the iPhone. They have been wanting to do this since the iPhone 3G project. However, the only thing that is preventing them from doing this is Samsung.

Apparently, even if Samsung gave Apple 100% of their AMOLED screens and at their max pace, they could only successfully fill up to 60% of iPhone orders. So as soon as someone manages to make AMOLED easier to mass produce, expect it to come to an iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and iMac near you. 🙂


    • LEI Mobile says

      AMOLED stands for (Active-matrix organic light-emitting diode)

      AMOLED is a display technology used in mobile devices. OLED describes a specific type of thin display technology which doesn’t require a backlight, and Active-Matrix refers to the technology behind the addressing of pixels. AMOLED are also great because they are low power.

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