[LEAK] iPod Touch With Camera!

OK  remind me never to have any of my secrets floating around in Vietnam because this is the third leaked Apple product in the past month or so….

Finally the iPod Touch gets a camera, after 3 long years we will finally have a “do it all” iPod far from the original iPod Classic 😛 Now its only a 2MP camera but that’s not bad for a start, as always it’s going to take trial and error with consumers before something better gets put in but HEY 2MP is good enough considering device size.

It’s still going to have a unibody aluminum-like casing just like the first three generations, but now that’s perfectly OK except for it scratches easily.

Software-wise, we are probably looking at the iPod Touch being released with 4.0 preinstalled. More news as it fits us.  Also note that this may not be the final looks when this is released.  We will have more details at the upcoming WWDC event.


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