LEAK: ‘iPhone 4S’ Pictures Show Larger Screen

Well we have some interesting pictures for you guys. The pictures were leaked just a few moments ago by M.I.C (they have leaked other things before, so they are rather credible).  These images show what appears to be an iPhone with an abnormally large screen.

Could this be faked? Sure, it can always be faked, but this does coincide with rumors suggesting that very high level iOS developers had received updated iPhone 4s with an A5 processor inside, however, this is the first instance that one of these “iPhone 4S” phones has had a larger 3.7 inch screen as opposed to the regular 3.5 inch retina display that is on the device today.

Here’s what M.I.C. had to say:

“Man, we don?t know if this is real, but at least we can see that it has a larger display and edge-to-edge glass. Maybe it?s a mockup, but we are sure that it?s not an iPhone 4.”

More info as we get it.

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    • says

      Oh! lol, sorry if that’s confusing, but the featured image isn’t images that were leaked, those are mock-ups, sorry! But the pictures of the screen parts and the iPhone in the hand are the leaked images. 😀

  1. Josh says

    Okay gotcha, so do u think they are real? 3.5 screen to a 3.7 I know at small sizes that’s a little difference. But I expected a little bigger, as you can see in the picture they could of pushed to the top and bottom more

    • says

      The reasoning for this is that they need to keep the “retina” display in the iPhone. Now, what I suspect that they will do is make it the same resolution (slightly lower pixel density) in order for us developers to not have to mess with the 0.2->0.5 inch difference (relatively minor) since it would be pretty annoying to have to deal with.

  2. Josh says

    That doesn’t sound apple-like. Lower the density of the screen. It will appear to be of less quality. The pixels per inch at that point wouldn’t be retina display quality.

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