LEAK: iPhone 4G Prototype Discovered At A Bar?! (UPDATED 3X)

UPDATE 1: I have managed to get the numbers from this prototype iPhone. A lot of the numbers are “XXXXX” which is a sure fire way to confirm that this is a prototype and has not been passed through the FCC or anything.

Flash Memory: XX GB
Model Number: XXXXX

UPDATE 2: We have another collection of pics for u 🙂

UPDATE 3: It seems as though the pictures (the one with the multiple pictures in one picture) are from a previous leak from way back in February 20th. Now, add to these newer pictures taken earlier today, and we may have even more evidence that this is the next iPhone. Or atleast, this proves that this is a genuine Apple prototype iPhone 4th generation! One that has already been leaked twice.

Now, this could indicate that this is a controlled leak. Most all companies like to leak a little bit of information to the public (or their audience) to keep them interested and to create buzz.

However, this may also mean that the February 20th leak iPhone may be the same iPhone, its just that it was stolen or forgotten at that bar and was once more pictured.

Or lastly, Apple has had the worst possible luck at keeping the 4th generation iPhone’s look a secret with these leaks.

Only time will tell when it comes to rumors and leaks. 🙂

Well guys. Here is some breaking news hitting our lines moments ago. The find and the images are courtesy of Engadget.

I have a very stong reason to believe that these images of the next iPhone are in fact legit. How can I say that? Many reasons. Mostly, this device is pictured basically on all sides, its a real device, no metadata to suggest otherwise, the story is very credible.

Now, to catch you all up, this “iPhone 4G” was found on the floor at a bar in San Jose. Not only that, the oddest thing about this is, it was inside of an iPhone 3G case. This leads me to believe that this was meant to conceal the iPhone from detection, however, by some drunken accident, looks like they dropped Steve Job’s latest toy.

Well, apparently, this iPhone has 80GB of storage (very odd, seeing as I would expect it to be 64GB). Also, it was a working device, with a version of the iPhone OS that was definitely new. However, the iPhone refuses to boot. Possibly indicating that Apple remote killed it to escape OS feature detecting from the Apple community.

Now, there is no telling whether this will be the final iPhone model or if it’s just a prototype of some sort that by some miracle, found it’s way to the world.

Well, if this is a real Apple iPhone prototype, someone is going to be soooo fired and soooo sued. I really would hate to be in that person’s position when I get yelled at by Steve Jobs himself for losing and leaking an iPhone 4G prototype…

This is a developing story and we will definitely be updating you on all of the developments, you will hear of whatever new info we have as soon as we get it…

Here are the other 2 pictures of the prototype iPhone:


  1. T says

    Lame that it won’t boot
    but this guy is so lucky. Do you think he had to pull the back off or is this iPhone gonna have a battery that you can change on your own?

  2. Sir_Dante says

    @ T. I doubt that the iPhone 4G will have a removable battery. That would mean Apple losing some profits, and that is just not ideal in this economy. I am in love with Apple, so please don’t think I am an Apple hater. The idea of a removable battery does not sound like an Apple “thing” to do.

  3. Michelle says

    Oh and I think the reason they made it look like this is because people would say the iPhone was “Girly” looking.. So they added some metal and a more boxy look. Ya? Idk. I love you.

  4. Natasha @ San Jose 4G Wireless says

    Hello, just browsing for information for my San Jose 4g website. Truly more information that you can imagine on the web. Wasn’t what I was looking for, but very nice site. Have a good day.

    • says

      Haha, this story is from last year before we even knew the name of the leaked iPhone. Check out our homepage. The reason we have no images in the earlier articoes is because we had a major crash and this is all we could recover. Even our backups died. We lost our servers and our backups. 🙁 At the same time! Sabotage? We’ll never know…

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