LEAK: iPad 3 Back Housing Pictures

RepairLabs was able to get their hands on the rear shell of the iPad 3 from some industry insiders in China. On the left is the iPad 2 and on the right is the iPad 3 back housing. You can see that there are a few changes. The biggest difference is a smaller area for the logic board which could lead to a larger battery.

A. You can see here that the mounts for the logic board are very different, which means the logic board shape will be different allowing for . . . .

B. More battery. The width of where the logic board sits on the iPad 2 appears much larger than that of the iPad 3. We have long heard that the iPad 3 was going to provide longer battery life, and this back housing seems to support that.

C. The camera is different. It is hard to make a judgment just by looking at the casing, but what we can expect is a different camera on the iPad 3 than what we had on the 2.

D. LCD will be different than what we have had before. Whether or not it will be the super screen we have seen reported will have to wait. But the different mounting does mean that the LCD has been redesigned at the very least. Hopefully we will have a retina screen!

As time goes on we will see more and more rumors of the iPad 3. Soon someone will leave the iPad 3 in a bar for all of us to enjoy!

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