LEAK: iOS 5 Caught On Camera

Well well, looks like I was right. We are going to recieving some very late breaking rumors and leaks for you right before WWDC in about 13 hours. In 2010, the iPad (and, we didn’t know it at the time but the iPhone 4 was in the same pic) was leaked the night before the big event.

This time, iOS 5 and possibly it’s new notifications have been leaked.

As you can see, Twitter integration and a new gray bar at the top for notifications! Like MobileNotifier maybe?

The image also shows a black camera icon, which makes sense. Why? The original camera icon was done to resemble the original iPhone’s camera icon, and this new icon resembles the iPhone 4’s back camera, flat as well.

It’s really interesting. I believe this to be a valid image, I don’t see any signs of this being a faked image. I’ve seen this up close and see no signs of being doctored.

Join us for WWDC at noon (Central), 10 a.m. (Pacific).

Click here to see some proof of the image’s authenticity

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