LEAK: Design Sketches Of Unannounced iPhone Have Surfaced

Hey guys, looks like the leaksters are at it again. Late last night, I was greeted with spy shots of what appeared to be design sketches of an upcoming iPhone model.

We can’t tell much about these images, other than they have a lot of similarities to that of the video leaked earlier

Now, it looks a lot like what was shown off in the video that we have on our channel with leaked video of parts for an upcoming iPhone, which I believe is a video showing off the CDMA iPhone that will be launching VERY soon.

Anyways, it was a very eerie feeling when I got a link to these sketches, for one, they look incredibly real, and two, they were shots that had to be leaked from one of Apple’s manufacturers or from inside Apple themselves. I think most of you will have this feeling.

So without further adieu, here are all 3 of the sketches:

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  1. Zooyork says

    I would love to say these are real but still anyone could have seen the video and mocked up some schetches there are some very lonely people out there lol or it could be a mock up of some cheap asain knock off of the IPhone 4

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