LEAK: Comex To Release Official Jailbreak Within The Next 48 Hours?

[UPDATE] Jailbreakme.com is now showing the Apple sticky note “We’ll be back soon”, suggesting the leak we received was true. Expect a release of the iPad 2 jailbreak today. (July 5th)

We are getting scattered reports that say that Comex will, in fact, be releasing the new iPad 2 jailbreak to the public within the next 48 hours. An email was leaked to the public that details and exchange between Comex and “AppReviewerWill”.

To see the e-mail, click the picture above. Or, click here!

We can independently confirm that AppReviewerWill’s video is down as well as the website that he made to detail the jailbreak as well as his Twitter.

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  • comex twitter

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