LEAK: AT&T vs. Verizon; AT&T Makes First Move By Making Super Cheap Texting Plans!

Hey iPhone fans, looks like what we projected would happen, did happen. AT&T is making changes to their pricing in order to compete with Verizon.

Today, an internal AT&T memo was leaked on changes to their texting plans.

AT&T started with their texting plans. They have brought out pricing that totally kills Verizon’s texting plans. Instead of AT&T’s old $5 for 200 texts or $15 for 1500 texts, you can now get 1,000 text messages for just $10 a month, and $20 gets you unlimited texting!

This is just a pre-emtive strike against Verizon. Us here at LEI Mobile are hoping that AT&T drops the price and the data caps on their data plans.

Honestly, as much as I hate AT&T, if they had unlimited data (period.) I would go with them. I love GSM and 3G, but AT&T dropping unlimited data and also raising their prices worried me. I am very hopeful that once Verizon announces their unlimited data plans, that we will all see some better prices on AT&T’s network.

More to come…

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  1. Brandon says

    The 30 for families is still the same…. wheres 20 for families at lol our bill is 189 for 3 phones, 700mins, unlimited texting, and two iphones on 2GB 🙁

    • says

      Well, I pay $40 a year on my sidekick plan, but when I go to Verizon, I’m going to pay $110 for 3 lines. 700 min & unlimited data. I use Google Voice for texting. I would never pay for texting, texting is such a scam.

  2. rdd0013 says

    AT&T needs to get rid of those stupid limited data plans. I don’t know why they did that. Did they think the other companies would do the same?

  3. Unknown says

    I think they should make there plans identical to the last penny to see which carrier people like more. Also make joint commercials taking shots at TMobile.

  4. Luis says

    Yeah I would like to see both data plans, I have t-mobile on my iPhone, I rarely use the Internet out of my house, so at home I used to use Wi-Fi , but if AT&T drops the data plans I will go with them

  5. sune2c (th3_5up3r) says

    Well I used H20 which is on AT&T network for 50$ a month unlimited text and talk and 50mb data. On simple mobile which it on T-mobile network for the same price you get 100mb of data. I switched to simple mobile and for 60$ I get unlimited talk, text, and data. This is all in the USA.

  6. T says

    Even though you sign a 2 year contract with AT&T for the iPhone, I’ve always been able to upgrade my phone after only a year whenever a new iPhone would come out. AT&T really hooked us up with that… I wonder if Verizon will allow you to break contract and get a new iPhone for a cheaper price after only a year.. Or will they make you wait until your 2 year is up. Just was thinking about it.

  7. says

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