LEAK: Apple’s Keynote Will Be On January 17th; Apple Blocking Vacations For 3 Weeks; Obviously A Major Product Launch

Hey guys, everyone and their grandmother know that Apple is set to announce stuff in a week or two at their annual press conference. Now, they mystery is what all will Apple announce.

We believe that iWork ’11 will be announced, iOS 4.3 will be announced, iPad 2nd generation, new MacBook Pros (with Sandy Bridge Intel processors), and possibly the holy grail of all mobile devices, the Verizon iPhone.

Now, the iPad launch was pretty big, but Apple didn’t block any vacation time for anyone for it, the only time Apple does this is for an iPhone launch. Both AT&T and Apple do this. So, if there is a trend here, which I strongly believe there is, we will be seeing the Verizon iPhone in early February (following earlier rumors saying that the Verizon iPhone would be out before Valentine’s Day.)

Now, we have exclusive information that says that Apple’s next keynote will be on (or a couple days from) January 17th of this year. I believe this to be extremely credible seeing as Apple will want to make people forget about CES so that they can go buy their stuff.

So there you go guys, 3 articles in 1, you gotta love us, right? πŸ˜€ We save you time in so many ways, it’s ridiculous. πŸ™‚

More to come…

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