LEAK: Apple TV To Be Apple’s Gaming Console?; Evidence In iOS 4.3 Says, Yes.

Hey guys, some late breaking news hitting us tonight, and as you know, the news never stops. Anyways, evidence has been uncovered in iOS 4.3 to suggest that Apple is planning to further expand it’s reaches in iOS, App Store, and Game Center. How, you may be asking? Apple TV.

References were found in the latest iOS 4.3 release for developers. References to “ATVGames” and “ATVThunder” point to, what we believe to be Apple TV’s new gaming capabilities as well as a possible peripheral that would be used as a controller for the games using the Apple TV’s IR receiver.

To me, it seems that we will be seeing this with iOS 5 in the summer rather than in iOS 4.3. It seems to be too soon for any sort of announcement as massive as that. However, we found some daemons that are called “com.apple.appletv.play.live.thunder” as well as “com.apple.appletv.play.archive.thunder” which point to launch processes that would enable something like that.

Not just that, 3 more important things were found in iOS 4.3 beta. The first is that the user interface for handling games and stuff has been uncovered. We have the video of this in action below:

Looks like Apple is incorporating a lot of SpringBoard interface elements into Apple TV now, seeing as LowTide was really a huge change from the regular iOS.

Number 2, there were 2 codenames that were uncovered. We are unsure about what these mean at this time, but the codenames are “Sedona” and “Flagstaff”. We believe that Sedona is pointing to some sort of streaming related capabilities. This could be the codename for an extension of the iTunes streaming/cloud service that Apple is set to launch this year.

As for “Flagstaff” we believe that this is related to account management and merchandising. Not much information can be confirmed at this time in regards to the codenames though.

Number 3, someone found references to some sort of “screen saver streaming” feature in iOS 4.3. It’s something that would potentially allow for streaming screen savers from your Mac, maybe iTunes, or even your other iOS devices. References to “feature_remote_screensavers” points to this as a major possibility.

So there you go guys, a lot of information hitting us and we are sure that will be following up with this in the near future. Apple has a lot of plans for this year and I am sure we are just scratching the surface here.

More to come…


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